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Saturday, September 22, 2012

the cat is part of the deal

thanks wikimedia {{PD:US}}
François Aimé Louis Dumoulin (Swiss; 1753-1834) was a painter and engraver whose life's adventures placed him in America during the Revolutionary War.  He recorded scenes from that war's naval battles, a subject which turned into the basis for a solid career as a painter and technical artist.  Born in Vevey on the north shore of Lake Geneva, he would die there as well after going many places in between.  So you can imagine this is a man who knew what he wanted out of life.  Here's his self portrait, painted when he was 79 in 1832.  He's made sure to record all his tools and comforts:  his specs, his long pipe, his palette - and his cat.  Can't miss that calico cat, and you're not supposed to.  Aren't the stylized markings on that kitty curious and attractive?  I wonder why he simplified them so much.

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Everycat said...

The colour pattern of a calico is incredibly complex. The ape tried to paint a stone garden ornament of a cat and kitten once, she went for realism and it took her years, it's still not finished. All the overlapping of colours, the subtle shading, no wonder he went for simplicity!

Gerry & mungo