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Friday, November 15, 2013

guest blogger: please welcome janet roper of talk2theanimals!

Today I'm honored to host a post from animal communicator Janet Roper.  You may already be familiar with her blog, Talk2theAnimals.net, where she kindly hosted my post recently.
Let's get to know Janet:

Janet Roper is an animal advocate, an internationally known animal communicator, author and host of the popular Talk2theAnimalsRadio show www.Talk2theAnimalsRadio.com , a show about building the animal-human bond through animal communication.
Roper has appeared at the Celebrity Gift Mart of the American Music Awards, and has been featured in numerous news articles, magazines and as a guest on various radio shows. A speaker and author, she is a contributing author to the book “Angel Horses: Divine Messengers of Hope” by Linda and Allen Anderson (link here) . Her popular e-book, “Listening so Animals Will Talk”, is available to download on the website at www.Talk2TheAnimals.com. Roper is co-author of the learning animal communication media package “Opening the Door to Animal Communication.” She is cheerfully owned and managed by three cats, one dog and one Best Horse.
* * *
Janet's run across a few characters in her life as an animal communicator.  She's shared some favorites with us today in an article that will make you think and smile.  Read on!

photo courtesy of janet roper

An Animal Communicator's Memories
Through the years as a professional animal communicator I've had the pleasure of having sublime conversations with hundreds upon hundreds of animals. For instance, there was the dog in the shelter, getting ready to go out for an adoption day. He asked me to remind the staff and volunteers that just as they had their jobs to do, he had his job: being an ambassador for all animals who were looking to be adopted. He was adopted that day.
I remember the dog who detested his name. Every time the loathed name was brought up, he would jump up and down saying "What the hell, what the hell, what the hell….". Unfortunately, his person adored his name and was not willing to listen to what he had to say. As far as I know, he is still stuck with the abhorred name.
I had a conversation with a recalcitrant horse (my horse!) who told me as plain as day he "wasn't going to talk and you can't make me". As he so wisely pointed out minutes later, he refused to talk at that time because I had an agenda and I wouldn't have listened to what he had to say. I am honored he loves me enough to be honest and forthright with me, teaching me lessons I need to learn in ways I can best learn them.
My favorite story is about a Corgi, one of my first paid communications. This was a face to face communication, so the Corgi, his person and I were all in the room together. First thing Mr. Corgi did was get under the table and start nipping my ankles. He refused to say anything to me. He next ran to the door and sat by it, looking from the door knob to his human, silent as a tomb. I went through all my tricks and standard ways to get him to talk, and……NOTHING! I was devastated.
He finally said disdainfully he would not talk to me, but would be happy to talk to his person about the issue.  I had no choice but to relay his message. She laughed, saying she wasn't surprised. She would work on learning how to listen to him.
Moral of the story? This smart Corgi (just like all animals) was doing what he needed to do to get his human to listen. What are the animals in YOUR life doing to get you to have a conversation with them?
Remember: U2CanTalk2theAnimals!
* * *
Don't you wonder what your animals are thinking? I'd love to see comments.  My great thanks to Janet Roper for being my guest today!

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