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Thursday, November 14, 2013

catpile and dogpile of love from stasia b

images all copyright by and with kindest permission of the artist
 I had the great pleasure of running into artist Stasia Burrington at last weekend's Best of the Northwest show. Delicate and yet full of generous feeling, populated by girls of sweet gestures and bold spirit, Stasia's art is surefooted and gives your mind a place to step away.
"I know we all crave a simpler, quieter way of life," her Etsy About page reads in part:
 a more accepting attitude towards existence, and I know we all crave beauty; our definition of beauty needs only to be pried a little wider. The stains in our favorite teacups – the wrinkles around our eyes – the uneven stitches in a hand-knit quilt, these are full of the energy of age, the power of being loved over and over again.
Speaking of being loved over and over again:  cat pile!!

Or maybe a dogpile?
Please check out her webpage and Etsy shop.  You'll see love shared:  some adult-themed (and sweet), love for The Little Prince, for coffee, for visions, for kites, for creatures.  Three generations of my family visited her booth; every generation bought something, from my mom to my young teen niece (who chose this).  I'd tell you what I chose but it's a present for somebody.  Perhaps you too will find one.

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