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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

a sweet novice, a tart cat

courtesy http://digitalgallery.nypl.org/nypldigital/id?1567421 
You can tell that this week I'm in love with the New York Public Library's Digital Gallery.  Here's my latest - from a 1909 Italian pictoral study of religious and military costumes, commissioned by Hendrik Jacobus Vinkhuijzen.  I don't know much more about that gentleman, but much of his time was spent gathering such information.
This scene is carefully drawn and the novice's garments clearly rendered, as is her look of innocence and devotion.  (I just noticed her feet.  Goodness, was footbinding in at the time? Kidding.) All very sentimental and even cloying - and then you notice the cat.  A lean, hungry cat, giving her an appraising stinkeye: Hey, Sister Perpetua, how's about you stop staring into the heavens and make with some scraps?  Cats are good at mixing the pragmatic into your day.  Brings to mind an earlier post here at the Museum in which a medieval text says cats are the only proper pets for nuns.  You see another sister in back engaging with one of the furry crew.

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