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Monday, February 24, 2014

dog care on cigarette cards: dog washing

courtesy of the nypl digital gallery  Digital ID: 1523247  Record ID: 814371 (PD)
Another in the Major Drapkin & Co. cigarette card series with helpful doggie hints.  This time we've got a King Charles spaniel who based on the look of him might need a nap.  But wash him first, using the helpful guide on the other side:

(Note:  a "blue bag" was a laundry additive folks used to use to keep whites looking really crisply white.  Here's a bit on that.)


parlance said...

Very interesting find! I do have an old 'blue bag' in the house, that I bought from one of those historic sites where they sell old stuff. I use it whenever I'm bitten by an ant - we have some ants here that give you a painful bite.

I wonder how it would go on Penny after I bath her? She does suffer from skin irritations.

curator said...

You have a real blue bag! I always wondered what those were like. And they help ant bites? Do you know why? I am all curious now.