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Tuesday, July 08, 2014

a cat enjoys sushi

image copyright and by kindest permission of the artist
Why wouldn't a cat love sushi?  (Mine don't like fish at all, but that's them.)  Certainly Christina Siravo's "Sushi Cat Tempura Udon" knows what he likes and has by look of him liked a lot of it.  This is from Christina's Etsy Shop BlueBirdie's Bootique (hence the  SAMPLE watermark), full of fish-eating felines and other sweet fantasies.  Check out Big Fred.  Or this guy who's all done eating.  Their faces are so content and sly that they could be the Kat Von D's pinup buddies.  Look how carefully this cat's face is built from gray shading, and how his eyes are clear and shining with fish glee.
Christine studied illustration at Maine College of Arts, has illustrated a number of children's books, and teaches cartooning to local schoolchildren; she has a website and does lots of cool other things to see and hear there.

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