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Monday, July 07, 2014

looking good, being warm

thanks wikimedia commons (public domain)
Ernest Rouart (French; 1874-1942) had Edgar Degas for a painting teacher, Berthe Morisot's beautiful and gifted daughter Julie for a wife, and Paul Valery as a friend.  You could consider this Impressionist royalty.  I marvel that he's not better known.  Here is his L'Homme au Chien (Man with Dog), a portrait of his brother Eugene Rouart with a drowsy friend, a work of circa 1900.  Clearly it's a warm day that's been captured, the sort of day where you still want to look amazing, but you don't have a ton of energy to trot about in your glory.  The dog, in his goes-everywhere-looks-perfect brown and white, has the right idea: nap it off.

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