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Thursday, October 23, 2014

a lovely cat by natasha fine

copyright and by kindest permission of the artist
A cat has found an intriguing flower.  Perhaps it smells rich and delicious, or she likes the way the little blooms brush against her whiskers.  I remember watching moments like this with my own crew, delighting in what I saw as their pleasure.  Natasha Fine of Israel has captured that feeling here in her painting "Cat-My Lovely Cat."  That intense golden eye and fat blossoms are so immediate that I feel I could reach out and tickle this cat's snout.
"My life - it's my kids, my art and my animals," wrote Natasha when I asked her about her work.  "The children love my art and animals ... animals love my children. Art ''loves'' animals.  And I ... love them all!" No better statement could be made about the uplifting mix of art, pets, and the receptive heart and mind.  It's my mantra for today.  Meanwhile, have a look at Natasha's work at her Etsy shop, NatkaArt

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