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Friday, October 24, 2014

under the shelter of the moon

image copyright and by kindest permission
of the artist
A feral cat sleeps peacefully under the moonlight, in a bubble of safety and comfort. Artist Julia Jasinski writes of this original painting, "I am trying to focus on the nice parts of feral life, not the horrors that usually pass through my brain relentlessly and ruin my day."  In so doing, the sheer act of making the image can make the comfort happen:  after seeing this, will you give a little food on your porch?  Perhaps a box?  (You probably already do; show this to your friends.)  I was very attracted to the Symbolist flavor of this piece, with the branches making a tangled nest of space for the little creature at the image's heart.
This painting is over at Julia's Etsy shop, Schmoomunitions.  When you go, please notice her tagline.  It's a Nez Perce quote:  Every animal knows more than you.  

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