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Thursday, October 29, 2015

matte stephens and "dinner with maurice"

copyright and by kindest permission of the artist
We've seen New Hampshire artist Matte Stephens before at the Museum (and we loved it! Look here).  I had to bring him back after seeing the above piece, "Dinner with Maurice."  This image is a snapshot of some of my favorite things about Fall.  The dramatic evenings and cooler temperatures are just the thing for dressing up and having a proper night out with your friends, a bottle or two, and candlelight.  I remarked last time on the mid-20th century flavor of Matte's art; while I confess that I usually don't instinctively gravitate to mid-century, I really like the updated colors and cheerful ideas that Matte brings to his work.  You should gravitate to his Etsy shop.


parlance said...

I'll gravitate on over there right now. Hmm... maybe literally gravitate, because I figure I could sink right through the planet from Australia to get over there.

parlance said...

Me again. I was loving the Norway village, and then I noticed the Melbourne one. He sure has caught the spirit of my home town. Lovely art. Thanks for alerting me to this Etsy shop.