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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

cat pastimes from older times

(A variant of the "cat and mouse" game:)
I sent a letter to my love,
I carried water in my glove,
And by the way I dropped it,
I did so, I did so:
I had a little dog that said bow-wow!
I had a little cat that said meow, meow!
Shan't bite you, shan't bite you,
Shall bite you.
(to which the editor adds:) Throws the handkerchief and chases the girl. AB. v. 53. I think the thrower and the chosen should run opposite ways, as mentioned before.

"Scratch cat, bite a louse, Never go to God's house."
Gloucestershire. Said by one child to another that scratches in anger.

"Sing, sing, what mun I sing?
Cat's run away wi't' pudding pwoke string."
Supplement to Cumberland Glossary, p. 131, a youngster's rhyme in place of a song. They say the same in Gloucestershire, with the exception of "pwoke."

-- Northall, G. F.. (1892). English folk-rhymes: a collection of traditional verses relating to places and persons, customs, superstitions, etc. London: K. Paul, Trench, Trübner. Passim.

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