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Saturday, December 12, 2015

a squirrel has the right idea for winter

image copyright and by kindest courtesy of the artist
In my mind's eye, this is what I imagine (hope) all the squirrels look like in winter.  They're all curled up snugly next to lots of food, waiting for warm blue skies again.  I guess Oregon artist Kristi Heck wishes the same thing here in her painting "Tree Squirrel."  I love how the simple stout forms and bold colors make it a talisman of the thought.  If it had been a realistic portrayal, I'd have passed it right by.  What stopped me most was that she showed the squirrel as blue: a restful, peaceful color, the color of a better day.
Here's K. Heck on herself and this piece:
I'm an artist, my name is Kristi Heck. This little tree squirrel is part of my hibernation series. I completed this small body of work during what seemed like the coldest winter on record - - though I was often told it was particularly mild! Our small family lived in the Republic of Panama for six years. Panama is a tropical paradise. It's pure jungle. We moved back stateside during the winter, mid December to be exact, to a small town in Oregon. Oregon winters are rainy but not overly cold. But to us, it felt bitter bracing arctic. I could not collect enough blankets, wore layers of sweaters, and painted cozy animals hibernating! I'm in the process of taking individual paintings and developing them into fabric lines (which are available for purchase at spoonflower.com - - search for me under "k heck art" or "animal dreams series"). Although winters do not feel as cold as that first one, I'm happy to feed my (and other's) blanket and quilt craze!
And you can get this piece and others here at her Etsy shop.

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