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Friday, December 02, 2016

rabbits run

courtesy of the Getty's Open Image Program
Brittany, France, mid 1400's: a Livre de la Chasse (Book of the Chase) is created by an unknown master of illumination.  Ah, bunnies are known for providing sport, in their small way, and so we get this lively illustration of a warren of rabbits.  Let's look closer.

They hop here and there, they find their burrows, and if the lower right hand corner is any indication, they also find romance.

Rabbits (Getty Museum)
Rabbits; Unknown; Brittany, France; about 1430 - 1440; Tempera colors, gold paint, silver paint, and gold leaf on parchment


parlance said...

Ah bunnies, the symbol of procreation... Someone brought a few rabbits to Australia, where they have no known enemies. The rest is history.

Oh, until some bright spark brought in foxes to eat the rabbits. Which they didn't do, seeing the native animals were such wonderfully naive prey.

curator said...

I never knew that about the foxes!