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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

the human-chicken bond

thanks pixabay
How did the chicken cross the road?
Turns out that's a really good question, and the answer seems to be "By tagging along with their human buddies."  When you think that your basic model of chicken is a creature native to Southeast Asia, and then drive down the street in urban Portland past somebody's front yard with oh so hip coopful of fowl, you have to ask how that happened.
Luckily for all of us chicken fans, there's "Cultural & Scientific Perceptions of Human-Chicken Interactions."  A project including no less than six British universities, scicultchickens.org aims to research and explain what chickens have been to us, and when and how.  There's a database of archaeological chicken bone finds, a blog of various activities in chicken-human research (the latest post at time of writing is an examination of chickens in video games), a gallery with an interpretation of imaginary chicken breeds, and much more.
There's a related, more informal website on the topic too - Chicken Coop.

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parlance said...

Hi, curator! I see I missed a comment from you on my blog. Apologies for not replying to your good wishes. I hope 2017 is developing into a good year for you.

This post of yours makes me think of two things: One, that many chickens are enormously tormented in caged life because their species came to the attention of humans. But many have a good life also, one hopes, in free range situations.
Two, there's been a lot of study lately on the origins of birds, specifically songbirds, which I guess chickens are not, lol. And it turns out they may have all evolved in Gondwanaland (aka Australia). Our birds live long, intelligent lives compared to other birds around the world.

Not that I'm saying chickens are dumb, lol. I'm sure they are not!