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Monday, January 16, 2017

the lively lines of julie pfirsch

copyright and by kindest permission of the artist
Julie Pfirsch once wanted to be a dog when she grew up.  When I read that on her website, I knew I'd found the real deal:  she decided to be an artist instead, and bring all that excellence of dog soul to her energetic, well crafted and vibrant pet portraits.  (Here's her Instagram too.)  This pittie portrait, above, was the first to catch my eye with its disciplined knowledge of dog anatomy, yet the bright strikes of color give it motion and verve.  A glimpse of her Etsy shop shows more examples.  Most of them are in colored pencil, with a soft and layered feel to the color.  You'll see she also works in acrylics, bolder and brighter, and in oils for a stately and timeless capturing.
I keep looking at the portrait above with such pleasure; I want to throw a ball for him, as he seems so very ready to go.

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parlance said...

You're right. The portraits are lovely. I agree this one is terrific, and there are plenty more over there just as good.