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Tuesday, September 05, 2017

asante proverbs: a dog's thoughts lie in his chest

Yesterday I mentioned that I wanted to share some Asante proverbs with you.  Here's some from a collection originally published in 1879.
The dog which has gone a hunting has not had any luck, so what can the cat (hope to) do?

When your dog says he will catch an elephant for you, he is deceiving you.

A dog's thoughts lie in his chest, but not in his head. (That is, he is always barking (talking) and never keeps anything to himself.)

If you take a dog (i.e. a quarrelsome, noisy person) as a relation, tears will never dry in your eyes.

The dog has a proverb which runs, 'A big thing does not get lost'.

Had the cat only some one to help it, it would be sharper even than the dog.

No one teaches a cat how to look into a calabash.

Even if the mouse were the size of a cow, he would be the cat's slave nevertheless.

All animals sweat, but the hair on them causes us not to notice it. - The saying is used in the sense that a rich or powerful man can bear losses or troubles better than a poor one, though both may equally have their worries.
-- from Rattray, R. S. 1881-1938. Ashanti Proverbs: the Primitive Ethics of a Savage People. Oxford: The Clarendon Press, 1916. 87-94 passim.  What an awful title.

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