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Monday, September 25, 2017

great lords and dogs - proverbs of serbia

From a book of Serbian proverbs published in 1915:

  • Feed your horse like a brother, but ride him like an enemy.
  • A frog saw the horse being shod and lifted up his foot also.
  • Hungry hounds make good hunting.
  • The barking of young dogs is carried away by the wind.
  • Great lords and dogs do not close the door behind them.
  • Be on the watch when an old dog barks.
  • Crop a dog's ears he remains a dog; dock his tail he is a dog still.
  • Dogs howl round empty churches.
  • If dogs had their way there would be no horses.

. . . and I have to throw this one in, though it's got nothing to do with critters:

  • Give the priest what is the priest's, and the king what is the king's, and then flee.

 -- Turner, K. Amy. National Proverbs: Serbia. London: C. Palmer and Hayward, 1915.

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