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Sunday, February 11, 2018

the turtle akbar

  • Gift of G.A. de Graag www.rijkmuseum.nl
Before I do anything else, let me offer you the link to this piece over at the Rijksmuseum, so you can really see and enjoy it.  This is a print (woodcut) by Dutch artist Julie de Graag (1877-1924), immortalizing turtle Akbar, dog Max, and cat...uh, Puss.  ("Poes" in Dutch.)  There is very little in English-language scholarship to date about de Graag, which is a pity, as her woodcuts of animals and nature are devastating in their skill and beauty.  Look:

  • Gift of G.A. de Graag www.rijkmuseum.nl

Three Cats, 1916

  • Gift of M. J.. de Graag www.rijkmuseum.nl
Ferns, 1920
I was able to find an entry on de Graag in the Dictionary of Women Artists (1997).  

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