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Sunday, May 20, 2018

the roommate

www.rijksmuseum.nl, , J.W.E. vom Rath Bequest, Amsterdam
According to this artwork's page at the Rijksmuseum, when business heir Edwin vom Rath's (Dutch; 1863-1940) parents both passed away he lived in the family mansion with only his pug for company.  Here's a watercolor portrait of the pug by Dutch painter Conradijn Cuneaus circa 1890-95, and I must say this pup does look like good company. Vom Rath's family had built a fortune from their sugar business; he himself remained unmarried and childless, and was a generous patron to Amsterdam's cultural scene.


World of Animals, Inc said...

This is such a cool painting, thank you for sharing! I don't think I have ever seen watercolors used quite like that, the fur is so detailed and solid looking. Also, did Cuneaus leave the canvas unpainted for the white in the dogs eyes?
World of Animals

curator said...

Thanks for your lovely comment! He might have left it unpainted - I think that is the easiest way to retain whites with watercolor. I agree that the fur is particularly well done.