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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

my house is your house. and yours, and yours, and...

Bob Walker and Frances Mooney have:
  • each other
  • a 1950's tract house in Southern California, 1500 sq ft
  • hordes of cats

How to keep the furry darlings from being underfoot? Keep them overhead. (They like being there anyhow; it means they can always keep an eye on you.) Since 1987 Bob and Frances have been stringing kitty catwalks and other delightfully themed accoutrements through what they call The Cats' House. This lavish, detailed trip through the remaking of their house to suit both major resident species will brighten a winter day and make you eyeball your walls for untapped cat-storage opportunities. You can see more in their second book Cats Into Everything. They were also in Chris Smith's documentary Home Movie, about unusual residences and the people within them.

EDIT: Two days ago a wonderful link filled with pix of their house was working, and now I'm alerted it goes to some nasty ad page that has nothing to do with the house.

Yuk. But you may get an idea from the Amazon book link here -- The Cats' House book.

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