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Monday, December 18, 2006

a skunk italian

The skunk: a delightful pet for the right owner.

Emanuela in Italy is one. Even if you don't read Italian - and I don't much, yet - you may easily see her love for her stripy pets at her website. If you'd like to try a translation, go to Babel Fish, and plug in the website's address and your languages to and from.

I'm not saying you'll get seamless prose, but you'll learn the following:
  • Skunks are timid; when you bring yours home it helps if they have a softly blanketed place to hide.
  • Skunks hold grudges, sort of. (See "I and mine moffetta".)
  • Skunks dig kittens. They like cats too, but the cats aren't keen.
  • They suffer from lack of soccer. But I think that's just a lousy translation.
  • Skunks really are cute and so are your friends when they hold skunks (Foto).
  • They like to play hide 'n' seek with you.

How cool is it to read about a European pet skunk? Hooray for Emanuela!

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