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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

a most useful niche market

Here is something I need. I wish I didn't, and will work hard on rectifying the issue, but one of the staff is defooding all over.

I need a Caution: Cat Vomit sign.

For now, I caution you not to let your house cats into the dog food. It doesn't suit them -- did you know that dog food has no taurine, which cats must have for good vision? It's not an issue for dogs. But that's not the only reason dog food won't work. We'll discuss that a bit in the near future.

I'm hanging around that same old scene
My girlfriend Betsy she's just fourteen
There's nothing better for me to do
I'm living on dog food

Dog food is so good for you
It makes you strong and clever too
Dog food is a current craze
Eat some every day

I chew up my "sunday mirror"
I read about the rich i fear
Dog food is my whole life
Dog food composes my wife
-- Iggy Pop, "Dog Food," from the Soldier album

I've been dying to work that in somewhere.

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