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Sunday, February 04, 2007

the white jewel

"...completely white, eyes of clear mercury,
this cat if in any house,
brings long life and title,
material wealth coming in with no decrease
will be entertained with all things in happiness"

This is a verse from The Tamra Maew or Cat Book of Poems (1350 - 1767), the ancient Thai treatise on cats, regarding the breed known as Khao Manee. These were the true and beloved Royal Cats of Old Siam, and did not set a paw on American shores until 1999.

They are confident, snuggly, and want to please, though the American breeder who established them in this country notes that every litter has one self-centered kitten! Though their eyes may be blue or yellow, they may also sport one of each, a dramatic look against their snowy fur.

They are thought to bring excellent luck. And they have their own museum.

"Hurry and find a good cat to prosper and gain results"

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