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Sunday, April 08, 2007

happy easter!

Yes, the spring/eggs/fertility/bunny theme is everywhere, so I'll bring you something a little different to enjoy while you bite off those yummy chocolate ears (you know you will).

Back in 1978, Hungarian children's television presented an animated series called A Kockásfülű nyúl -- The Rabbit with the Checkered Ears. Without dialogue, each episode portrayed the rabbit flying in on his ears to problem-solve for the four child characters. For example, one of the little girls has made a cake and proudly brings it to a table in the garden -- where a bad dog eats it! No matter. The R. with the C. E. copters in and teaches her to make blintzes. (Note: Blintzes are delish. You should try them.) Here's an English-language homepage for our checkered hero.

Meanwhile over in Pasadena, California, a nice couple has turned their home into The Bunny Museum, which you may visit by appointment.

And for those of us who are completely disgusted by the non-springlike weather up here, Ferry Halim has another enchanting game on his Orisinal site. Make the snow bunny hop up on the bells falling from the sky for points: Winterbells.

Happy Easter to you one and all!

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