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Sunday, April 01, 2007


Guess where I'm going later today? To Seattle's yearly Edible Book Festival!

But yesterday I was busy getting a perm. It takes a day or two for a fresh one to settle in. Meanwhile I look a little like a certain new cat breed that spontaneously appeared on a cherry farm in The Dalles, Oregon: the LaPerm.

A Rex mutation appearing in 1982, the LaPerm breed is marked by shaggy-curled coats and affectionate personalities. They are also allied in a way with the Wishram Native American tribe of The Dalles. Several petroglyphs of "She Who Watches" (Tsagaglalal) are found in the area, and the Koehl family farm where the first LaPerm was born is near Wishram fishing and hunting grounds. As a result, LaPerm breeders often name their catteries and kittens in Native American fashion.

Some good history here. Breeder site with photos here!

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