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Saturday, July 07, 2007

500 dogs, 5 pounds a dog

"Once there was a drover in Scotland who used to go at times to England with cattle and sheep and somtimes with pigs. He had a very good dog. An Englishman took a fancy to the dog and wanted to buy it; he was willing to pay anything the drover asked. The drover sold the dog for five pounds; the Englishman would have paid more if he had been asked to."

So begins a cautionary tale about greed from Scotland's Outer Hebrides, a beautiful and stark area where wanting too much will simply not work. However, through the cleverness of his compatriot George Buchanan, the drover not only learns a lesson but might actually go home with an extra pound or 5 in his pocket. That's a practical twist on a human foible and you may read the rest of the story here. Learn a bit about the Hebrides here.

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