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Monday, July 02, 2007

holy mother of god in a smoking birch bark canoe!

That's just another of the convoluted exclamations favored by Sam, the 6-foot detective dog who's the laid-back half of the pair in the Sam & Max comics. The other half is a rabbity thing named Max, who has to remind people frequently that he's not a rodent ("I'm a lagomorph. Look it up!")

They were created by Steve Purcell during his years at LucasArts. He now works for Pixar, which is a good place for his wacky fantasy and humor, though of course streamlined in a more commercial direction for those projects. Sam & Max have a tendency to walk right into trouble of a most unlikely kind, such as a haunted grocery ("Beast from the Cereal Aisle"), and the great, unparalleled "On The Road," in which we learn who's ripping off the nation's roadside-attraction manatees.

Sounds like you'll never catch up? Oh sure you will - start with Wikipedia and the the unofficial website.

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