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Saturday, August 18, 2007

1903 cat

"(Tabitha Tiger.) Bless my claws and whiskers! but this suspense is awful. Here I have been waiting for the last two hours behind this horrid-smelling cheese, and no sign of a mouse yet. And it's just the time for them, too."

This is one of the musings to be found in The Book of the Cat, with color drawings by Elisabeth F. Bonsall and pieces written for the pictures by Mabel Humphrey. Published in 1903, the book have a certain winsome wholesomeness not surprising to find given its year.

"Since his fluffy kittenhood Dot has been afraid of beetles, grasshoppers, crickets and, in fact, any large insect. That is rather strange in a kitten, is it not? But he had one experience which I think excuses his timidity." This piece follows what looks to be an aquatint of two wide-eyed fuzzballs and a staghorn beetle.

It's dated, but charming. Try looking at it here. If that doesn't work try any of these North American download sites.

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