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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

little dog joshi

"Hallo! Willkommen auf meiner Homepage!"
Joschi is a German dog, and he's telling you "Hi! Welcome to my homepage!"

He's a little guy, brown and fluffy, half dachshund, half Pekingese, and yes that's as cute as it sounds. We get loads of pictures of him, and the charming, sometimes dramatic story of his life, which starts out a little sad but soon is all walks and deep doggy thoughts.
Day by day Ulli (that's his human) is walking around with me.
Not too far away from our flat, there are fields and trees and a lot of other
dogs. I'm free to run, to do what I want, well, not all I want to do. For
instance, Ulli doesn't like me to roll in dirty stuff. But sometimes I do it.
Then Ulli puts me in his bathtub, where he rubs me with soap, and that's a thing
I don't like at all, you know.

Enjoy a charming visit with Joschi. You can pick either English or German for your visit!

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