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Sunday, October 21, 2007

some dog quotes

A living dog is better than a dead lion. Ecclesiastes 9:4

Our dog chases people on a bike. We've had to take it off him. - Winston Churchill (a source for many excellent pet anecdotes, owner of among other things a series of orange cats and a miniature poodle)

It often happens that a man is more humanely related to a cat or dog than to any human being.- Henry David Thoreau

"Every boy who has a dog should also have a mother, so the dog can be fed regularly"- Anonymous (Hi, Cash!)

Personally, I would not give a fig for any man's religion whose horse, cat and dog do not feel its benefits. Life in any form is our perpetual responsibility.- S. Parkes Cadman

"Money will buy a pretty good dog, but it won't buy the wag of his tail."- Josh Billings

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The Cat Realm said...

Very good quotes! We will send some out to friends, because we like them so much!