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Saturday, December 08, 2007

"the absurd world of an ugly rabbit"

"In two words : welcome in the world of Flatulence, booze, stupid office stories, a world where a stone can be a commando."

He is a bit on the ugly side with his rough gray fabric and indeterminately stitched facial features. But The Rabbit has a number of friends, inhabits a very busy and wacky world, and he's French. He has a girlfriend of sorts, the green she-bear, who skateboards. He's the star of two comic strips, one drawn, one assembled from photos. (Try "the power of doors me" for a nice office-hell example of the last kind.) His buddy is a rock -- not just because he's the steady loyal type, but because he seriously is a rock.

You know, I'm going to set you loose on the intro. And be sure and check out the wallpapers.

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