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Saturday, December 22, 2007

christmas animal secrets

Who knows what our little devils would say if we could hear, right? The old legend says that at midnight on Christmas Eve they do speak indeed. But beware, you'd better have treated them fairly. I got this take on the legend from 2camels.com:
One European superstition says that at midnight on Christmas Eve animals have
the power of speech. But no one can hear the beasts talk with impunity. Once
upon a time there was a woman in Brittany who starved her cat and dog. At
midnight on Christmas Eve she heard the dog say to the cat, "It's quite time we
lost our mistress; she's a regular miser. Tonight burglars are coming to steal
her money; and if she cries out they'll break her head."
"Twill be a good deed," the cat replied. The woman in terror got up to go to a neighbor's house.
As she went out the burglars opened the door, and when she shouted for help,
they broke her head.

Well, she shouldn't have starved them should she?


parlance said...

Hi, I enjoy your blog. I love the things you unearth. I wondered if you would be interested in this one that I came across by accident. It's about what might be the oldest dog burial (I think in north america....).

Radcliff, Allie, Luna & Ozzie said...

Things do have a way of evening out, don't they? Though it is seldom quite so prompt or so clear.