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Monday, December 10, 2007

tick, tock: kit-kat clock

"Every 3 minutes for the past 70 years. . . someone has purchased a Kit-Kat(c) Klock!"

And why not? Who can resist that big smile, that rhythmically wagging tail, a happy cat? Certainly not most people during the Depression years, when this useful yet cheering product was developed. "Kit-Kat" still looks the same now as he did then, an iconic "cat" formed from simplified masses described by curves and lines, without any extra curls and decorations and stuff. Typical 30's.

The only concession to today, by the look of it, is that now you can buy Kit Kat in all kinds of colors like Purrfect Pink and French Lilac. But you do have to move with the times. Who'd know that better than a clock?

More about the history of Kit-Kat here. The home page of Kit-Kat's world here!

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