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Saturday, February 02, 2008

golfing for cats

"Famed British humorist Alan Coren was once advised that anyone seeking to draw
the attention of the book-buying public should write about cats, golf or
Nazis. Coren promptly published a collection of essays entitled Golfing for Cats. Its cover? A picture of a cat in a Nazi uniform wielding a putter."

-- Source: Anecdotage.com (terrific site).
And a photo of a British edition here where you will readily see the Nazi uniform got kiboshed. Just as well, huh?

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parlance said...

Curator, way back somewhen I used to browse anecdotage.com. I'd forgotten about it, so I'm glad to be reminded about its existence. I think I was searching anecdotes about the history of language. I loved the fact that it was searchable. (I think I'm recalling the correct site. I'll go and have a look after I finish typing this.)
Thanks for dropping by my site and looking at the new toy Penny has. It entertained her for ages, as I said. I think it is one of the most challenging toys she has, in that it involves problem-solving rather than brute strength.