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Sunday, February 17, 2008

tiny suits of armor

Jeff de Boer likes armor. Many people do.
Jeff makes armor. Not so many people do that.
Jeff makes armor for cats and mice. Nobody else does that.*

Jeff de Boer studied metalsmithing, armormaking, and jewelrymaking as a young art student. I can tell he also paid attention in history classes, because the armored suits he makes for cats and mice are called for varying martial activities, and show a playful use of period-suggestive detail. Well, peek at Gladiator Mouse and you'll see what I mean. Or my fave, Persian Cat. Feast your eyes on the entire gallery of them.

And peek at his other work too -- it's very fine, and yet again shows good attention paid to forms of the past.

*And if they do, I'm dying to know.

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