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Monday, April 07, 2008

old photos starring dogs

This weekend I had the pleasure of spending time with an older friend while we worked on his memoirs. He's 89, and in the course of the day showed me a very old photo album of his relatives from around 1920-25. Some of them were holding cats and dogs - oh, how I wished we'd had a scanner handy.

So today I went looking for antique pet photos and I found some all right, courtesy of a photoset on Flickr called "Just Mutts." But how can one think of it as just mutts when you can behold a lavishly dressed dog, a tiny puppy eye to eye with you, or a dachshund one beat too late?


Anonymous said...

What nice old photots I love them. Such a nice blog, thanks for doing it. Have you seen the nice old dachshund photos at the long and short of it all? Adorable. Let me try to put in a link http://dachshundlove.blogspot.com

- Jen

curator said...

Hi Jen, and thanks for visiting the Museum! I'll go look at the blog you mentioned.

Joey and Maggie said...

Thanks Jen for leaving such a nice comment about our blog! It's appreciated!
Curator asked about a favorites link, absolutely, that would be great! I'll put up a link to you guys as well by this weekend!

Joey and Maggie....
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Short of it All