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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

more cats of venice!

I hope I've not inadvertently posted this before, because it's so delightful. Jeff Cotton's "Fictional Cities: Venice Florence London" site examines the mix of fact and imagination in the experience of travel and living. It's one of my favorite ideas, certainly - that what goes on behind your eyes colors your perception of a place.

It also colors what you notice and remember. Which, if you're in Venice, might be the city's stray cats.


Jeff Cotton said...

Exactly! And thanks for the plug, as we call them over here.

curator said...

Jeff! What a pleasure! You are most welcome. Your blog is beautiful and filled with good food for thought.

the crow said...

Interesting article on the cat sanctuaries. How nice, even if cats are the mortal enemies of bird and rodent.

curator said...

I think cats should get offerings of tasty birds every day.