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Saturday, June 07, 2008

"where hamsters would surf the net...if they could use a computer."

Ah, that would be hamsterific.com. This is pretty much the most comprehensive site I've ever seen about those little pursecheekers. (We recall the post a week or so ago about how much a hammie can fit in its face.)

For example, not until visiting Hamsterific University did I know there was such a thing as a Hairless Syrian Hamster, and oh boy, is it a comic looking thingy. (No kidding, no hair -- and female ones can't produce milk to feed babies. Isn't that odd.)

Want to proclaim the Way of the Hamster? Then you can get yourself a very cute Tao of Hamster T. That's right up there with the Cat Face with Bleach T in my book.

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