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Thursday, July 03, 2008

kitty in the sky

I discovered that in the month of April the constellation Leo is high in the southern sky. In its mane is a sickle of six stars, the brightest and most imposing of which is Regulus. The name is a diminutive for "rex," which is of course a word for "king". Did you know another star in that sickle is a double? That would be Algeiba, which is said to be beautiful.

Near Leo there is Leo Minor and Lynx. No Housecat or Siamese, though a 17th century astronomy enthusiast liked to say there was a cat in the heavens. Read all about this nifty twinkly stuff here.

-- And Museum friends - your friendly curator is off for the long July 4th weekend to do some family business, so if I can post I will - otherwise back Monday or sooner. Stay well and happy till then!

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