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Friday, August 01, 2008

cats and oils: beware!

So it turns out essential oil may not actually be such a great idea in your kitty's care. Long story short, they can't metabolize and eliminate compounds they inhale with that delectable aroma. There's a well-explained page on it here at The Lavender Cat. This includes a list of therapies that you might come across which actually are no good for puddycat: "Many make the mistake of applying an essential oil dosage suitable for a human baby to a cat, thinking that, due to its small size, if it is safe enough for a baby, it must be safe for cats. Babies do not have a cat's liver!" Even if your cat IS your baby.

I couldn't help but free-associate the words "Laveder" and "Cat" and had a dreamy yen to see a cat in Provence, land of lavender... Well here's a cute one.


jane said...

Thank you so much for posting this valuable information. I am constantly horrified by the number of times essential oils are recommended or included in products for treating cats. In the UK i see products on the shelves of pet stores containing particularly Tea Tree oil and when I politely ask the sales assistants if they realise that this oil is highly toxic to cats, they look at me as if I am insane! It seems that this information is not widely known, so thanks again for promoting it.

curator said...

Jane, you're very welcome. I am always overjoyed when the Museum gets the chance to help a pet somewhere. Thanks so much for the props!