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Thursday, August 07, 2008

what ever happened to the owl and the pussycat?

"O lovely Pussy, O Pussy my love, what a beautiful Pussy you are, you are, you are! What a beautiful Pussy you are!"

You know those lines, of course! They are a snippet of song sung by Edward Lear's Owl to the beloved Pussycat, and I never fail to be moved by its simple shout of joy and love. Wouldn't you like to have someone sing about what a beautiful (insert whatever you like) you are?

Then of course they go off and have crazy mixed-up Lear type adventures, get married with a ring out of a piggy's nose, and eat with a runcible spoon (and somebody asked The Straight Dope what that was). Sounds pretty happy ever after right? But then there's the curatorial voice floating from the back middle rows. . . "And then what happened?"

As it happens, Lear was way ahead of me on that.

Our mother was the Pussy-cat, our father was the Owl,
And so we're partly little beasts and partly little fowl,
The brothers of our family have feathers and they hoot,
While all the sisters dress in fur and have long tails to boot. . .

Hooked? Thought so. The Owl and the Pussycat's kiddies, right here.


parlance said...

Thanks. Interesting snippet. I like the original better than the sequel, but that's all too often the case.

curator said...

Yeah, I felt the same, but it's still interesting. Always nice to see your name in the comments, Parlance!