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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

ooh - pet ghosts?

Tis the season to get haunty. In the spirit of Halloween, here's a couple of interesting pages I found:
an abandoned pet cemetery in Sacramento (just for atmosphere)
and then a photo that seems to include a ghost dog, and actually pretty convincing!

MSNBC Travel did a piece on pet ghosts last year. I see one, a ghost cat, is here in Washington State at the Tokeland Hotel, which doesn't say thing one about that on its website. Why not!? Now I can't wait to go!


Fin said...

I see nothing of the ghost dog... Is it just me?

curator said...

You have to kind of not look at it too hard. It's facing to the right in profile.

Whicky Wuudler said...

I like the sound of Tom Cat who lived with the soldiers. I'd like to meet him and also the Capitol Building cat in Washington DC. He sounds like a right laugh attacking the guards hehe!

The abandoned Pet Cemetary was a very touching scene setter.

Anita said...

I will be a ghost that will scare all humans someday... muahahahahahahahaha!!!!