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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

touch not the cat!

On a long-ago trip to London, I saw this badge at the Tower of London giftshop and bought it. Sometimes, when I am in need of a little attitude enhancement, I wear it.

This is the badge of Scottish Clan Macpherson. The motto on the belt tradtionally read: Touch not the catt bot a glove. That is, translated from the archaic uses of the language, don't touch the cat when its claws are unsheathed.

According to Wikipedia, this refers to the historically violent nature of the clan, though they were descended from "The Parson" -- Muriach, a 12th century lay preacher. I knew a couple of MacPhersons growing up and they were big teddy bears, so beware labeling. Yet should you like to learn more of this clan with the way-cool badge, here is their page from Electric Scotland, and here's Clan MacPherson.net.

1 comment:

Whicky Wuudler said...

What an excellent badge with such sound advice. My human went to school with some MacPhearson brothers, they too were gentle bears.