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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

name that puppy (after a river)

This is my friend's brother's new puppy. Puppy needs a name. The twist is that Puppy's name would ideally be a river, as previous dogs were also named after rivers - and did I recall which? No. Though I think Shenandoah was one. It's a blue heeler if I recall, so I suggested "Danube." Oh come on, you would too!

After that I got kind of puckish and started throwing things out like "Po" and "Yangtze" and "Billabong." Suggestions anybody?

While you're here, check out this website I found of animal names. Pretty all-encompassing.


parlance said...

Blue heeler? I think that's an Australian cattle dog. Is it?
If so, how about Yarra (river) / Merri (a creek)/ Darling (one of Australia' biggest rivers)/Murrumbidgee (river - could be Bidgee for short) Diamantina (river - could be Tina for short)

Everycat said...

Since I was once a Welsh cat, I am going to suggest "Teifi" - pronounced Ty-vee.

The river Teifi is a nice river in West Wales, not far from where I used to live.

Whicky Wuudler

curator said...

These are all elegant and interesting river names and I do hope Puppy's new dad thinks seriously about them! Parlance - yes, I do believe he is an Australian cattle dog. He's cute huh?

The Lee County Clowder said...

Actually, we're kinda partial to Danube. It that doesn't suit, Nile, or even Blue Nile, are nice names. (we live close to the Skunk River, if your friend wants something off the wall...)

Anonymous said...

I am thinking Rio after the Rio Grande..it is a short easy to remember name.

Anonymous said...

Most of the rivers in Maine (where I lived for 16 years) have Native American names which sound both quirky and beautiful (at least to me)... here's a small sample...
Kennebec-one of the biggest rivers in Maine and eco success story, in the 70s people said it was too wet to plow and too solid to fish (it was very polluted, could be smelled miles away)
Cobboseecontee or Cobbosee for short