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Thursday, December 18, 2008

color me...catly

This post actually started as a response to something Robin&Finchy's mom TaraM wondered yesterday. . . the precise language of cat tails. Their default position seems to be straight up, while Elizabeth's is madly lashing. Upon investigation it seems that the boys want food and lovin', while Elizabeast would like to do battle with the world. Or me. Whatever's handy. She's not picky. (But her ears are never down in aggressive position - so she's playing.)

I found all that out here at Cats International. But on the way there I found an article on what your cat's color says about his personality. Do I buy it? Not totally, but this is what it says about black kitties: "They are often at once both friendly and stubborn. They are sociable, both with people and other cats, but insist upon maintaining independence." Well, that would be our Sal - the lovely on the monitor in my profile photo - to a T. Why don't you have a look and see what your kitty's pelt spells in destiny?


Everycat said...

We don't buy the colour explanations, but we do know that chestnut (ginger) horses are often more flighty as the ginger gene usually means more nerve endings in the skin due to a much greater number of hairs per sq cm. In the UK Chestnut mares have a real reputation as fierey horses - just like red haired people do for fiery tempers. It's not a temper issue it's because they are physically more sensitive to stimuli. There are lots of colour myths around animals we've heard of, and sadly many have resulted in the animals of that colour getting a bad name or poor treatment.

Whicky Wuudler (rambling on and on)

curator said...

Hi Whicky,

Yes, I'm very sure that's true - not for nothing have we the phrase "I'm going to beat you like a red-headed stepchild" -- do you say that over in the UK? It's not a phrase I like very much! (And I'm not even red headed)

Everycat said...

Ha! yes, we have a friend who says that! It's horrid!