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Saturday, December 06, 2008

glenn gould and his dog nick

Glenn Gould (Canadian, 1932-1982) was a brilliant and unusual pianist, probably best known for his 1955 recording Bach: The Goldberg Variations. (He had a habit of vocalizing, humming and "la la la-ing"as he played, which I always found charming. You may see an example of that here.) There is a lot to know about this gifted soul, but look what I found - he had a dog named Nick when he was a child. What a sweet photo! Child prodigies need loyal friends - looks like he had one.

Thanks, Wikipedia Commons.

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Joey and Maggie said...

Hey curator...thanks for stopping by! We stopped by here earlier this morning and were about to leave a comment on this great old photo of glenn gould. E-bay seems to be the best place to find old photos we've noticed. We end up buying about half of what we post!