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Monday, January 05, 2009

roman cat names

I noticed recently when looking over my stats that someone had searched for "roman cat names." Usually they are looking for Roman DOG names - must be a bunch of Rottweilers out there? But it led me to realize I never did give our friend the domestic kitty equal Latin name time. So was there anything to find?

Why yes.

I didn't know that cats were kept as mascots by the Roman army, nor that Romans considered cats as household gods watching over the warmth and security of the home. And how's about these names!?:

BELLONA (Bell-Oh'-Nah; Female. ): Here's a name for an aggressive cat. Bellona, the goddess of war, seems to be a Roman invention. When a gladiator managed to outlive his many opponents, he was often asked to serve as one of Bellona's priests within her temple. . .

FERONIA (Fair-Oh'-Nee-Ah; Female): Not a very active goddess, but a goddess with a very beautiful name. She was simply the goddess of spring flowers. Pretty name for just about any cat.

SILVANUS (Sill-Vay'-Nuhs; Male): Some sources identify this Roman god of the wildness with the Greek god PAN, but most accounts are in conflict. There are several similarities however. Silvanus loved the outdoors. In fact, he'd rather be in the forests than just about anywhere else. One reason for this attraction to dark overgrown wilderness was his love of scaring unsuspecting travelers. . .

--- There's lots more. You'll enjoy this page, researched and writen by D. Marks and very well too.

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