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Saturday, February 07, 2009

i made a sea kitten

And I have to link to it because the webpage won't let me paste. It's an awesome sea kitten - named "Ahi Vicious."

As you'll see, Ahi Vicious is a fish. Why for Pete's sake am I calling it a sea kitten? Because PETA had a stroke of genius for its don't-fish-any-more campaign: would you stick a hook through a kitten's mouth? Would you drag 'em around in nets all crushed and suffering? No. No you wouldn't.

Slap the name "kitten" on it and there's half the battle won. It sucked ME in, people! And to make it an even surer sell, it's a candy-colored cute site! But I would advise against the "Sea Kitten Stories," which will mess with your head. Oh boy.


Anita said...

Intelligent and great campaign!

Fin said...

I still can't buy the sea kitten thing.

curator said...

I can't really either, but I had fun making it.