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Friday, February 13, 2009

what's in a (greek) name?

I find lists of names interesting. I have almost always tried to name my pets something truly indicative of their characters. That wasn't the case for Sally, the "staff member" in the Blogger pic, but she came pre-named. And Elizabeth? Trust me, that WAS an appropriate choice (she's called after a departed grandmother who was a bit of a handful). Zozo was named after a character in a Creole children's book, a baby bird that scrappily refused to go to bed.

All that yakity yak is an intro to a great name list find -- Check out this HUGE list of Greek pet names! I see they have Eos, "Dawn," which was the name of a beloved dog belonging to Prince Albert (see Eos here). There's Medusa, Medea, Pandora and Priam - and some great mouthfuls like Erechtheus (an ancient king of Athens) and Telemachus (the son of Odysseus and Penelope).

Since they don't give the stories behind the names, that could keep you busy all day.

**Super special bonus! Native American cat names here.

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