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Sunday, March 01, 2009

a post on the post: now with added kitties

Though I do not collect stamps, I like them. I enjoy having pretty or fun stamps to put on my letters and bills, and I envy the stamps of other countries which usually seem so much more attractive than the USA's. And as you may guess my biggest complaint is the lack of cat stamps.

This morning I found a treasure trove of catalogued world stamps that has ratcheted up my envy level to the umpteenth.

A website called Purr'n'Fur UK includes this amazing, comprehensive page on "Feline Philately." Some of these tiny works of art are poignant and expressive, others masterpeices in their own right, I think. I can't help but be moved by this stamp from Iraq, where the inclusion of a cat is unusual. Or this funny Egyptian one honoring the 11th Pan Arab Games. How about this wacky happy feline from Germany?

You will find yourself spending much enjoyable time here! Happy Sunday morning to you and your pets.

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